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Madina Lake’s debut album, From Them, Through Us, to You, was the beginning in a series which tells the story of gorgeous (fictional) celebrity, Adalia, from the (also fictional) 1950s town of Madina Lake, who has gone missing. The plot thickened in Attics To Eden, where more characters were introduced to the saga, as the inhabitants of the town searched frantically for Adalia. As the band went in to write World War III, where they planned to outline the battle between good and evil in the final chapter of the story, real life tragedy struck when bassist/vocalist Matthew was brutally injured after stopping a man from beating his wife, and ended up in a coma for five days. Luckily, Matthew lived to tell the tale, and World War III is their most accomplished and full-bodied work to date. Kicking off their UK tour this November, tickets to catch the band live are on sale now! (Last updated: 11/09/12)

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