About TicketWeb

These charges pay for our credit/debit card processing services, merchant fees, distribution network, installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software, telephone lines, labour and all the other costs associated with a ticket transaction.

If delivery costs are incurred, these will be included as either a processing fee or delivery cost. Examples include postage and packaging, forwarding to venue for collection or the support of newer delivery methods such as e-tickets, where scanning hardware is required at participating venues.

What's the difference between the Service Charge, Processing Fee and Delivery Cost?

Service charges are applied per ticket. Order processing fees and delivery costs, are applied once per order, regardless of the quantity of tickets being purchased.

Who decides on the price of charges and fees?

As an authorised ticket agent we negotiate our charges with venue operators, promoters and others based on the costs involved in both their presentation of the event and our services with respect to the ticketing of their events. The actual amount is determined by agreement with the venue or promoter for each event. Reduced fees may be available by purchasing tickets online or directly from a venue box office or outlet.

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