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The Universal & The Electric Stars - "Gearing up" Tour

06 Oct
This event has been cancelled!

Age restriction 14+

On sale:
Starts Saturday, 21/01/17 18:44

Event information

Event information

+ DJ TiggaThe Electric Stars are unlike any other band on 'The Scene' right now. They have managed to perfect a trick that all the great bands have up their collective sleeve. That is, the ability to soak up all the best music, from the best bands, from any era & spit it out as original tunes. They confidently swagger like The Stones & hold an audience like Kasabian. The songs can be as whimsical as The Kinks or violent like The Sex Pistols. The Electric Stars are a Psychedelic Rock n Roll Speedball bursting with Glamtastic guitars, Hippy lyrics & drenched in Soul.The seeds for The Universal were sown a long time ago by Terry Shaughnessy, the front man and songwriter behind it all.The Universal unleash a torrent of classic New Wave standards immersed in circling bass-lines packed to overflowing with top drawer proper songs, performed by a proper band, classic British guitar music that has a retro slant as well as being bang on the money for right now.

Ticket limit per person 8

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Event cancelled!

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