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The Prodigy Tribute Jilted Generation Experience

08 Apr

Age restriction 18+

Longbridge Road, Trafford Park M17 1SN Manchester

On sale:
Starts Monday, 30/01/17 11:00

Event information

Event information

It's a Sunday night, 1993 and as a teenager living in the North West I was counting down to a weekly event which united so many of us from different walks of life. When the clock struck 8pm Stu Allan's Move 93 would glue our ears and our souls to music that to many people was frankly, a load of shit, but to us, it was our only release. The Hardcore House hour would be for many of us our only chance to hear this exciting new music. A product of Acid House beats, Hip-Hip breaks, Ragga Basslines and Rave chords. Clocking in at 145 beats and often laid with politically motivated messages set to 14 years of tory rule, we were the jilted generation. We were jilted at our schools, we were jilted at our jobs, we were jilted in our prisons, and jilted in mainstream culture, dismissed and cast aside. But this generation took it back underground, to stop it getting into the wrong hands and our experience meant that in years to come we could live off the fat of the land.For one night only we are taking it back to that magical musical window which came to life around the end 1991 and evolved into Jungle, Hardcore and House and much more by mid 1994.We're digging out those unforgettable records with those iconic logos, Suburban Base, Production House, Formation and all those white labels that we searched long and hard to find in the few record shops that would stock them such as Spin Inn, Muze and Street.We have the man himself, Stu Allan. The former host of Key 103's Move 93. He'll be dusting off his old collection to dig out some real gems from his Hardcore House Hour, and if you write to him he might even post you a playlist from the nightAdd to this 90s rave sensation Altern8 in chemical warfare attire, and the most intelligent old skool master of them all Rob Thurston, who will be playing a very rare rave set.Boy Raver (aka Shaun Lever) will be there spinning too, but with a difference. He's been digging out all the music videos of the era, for some of the biggest rave tunes of the day and he'll be mixing them live on a big screen with some of his own dubplates. This is something very different and we think you'll really enjoy this nostalgic trip in cinematic style!We've also brought you a live PA of two of the biggest tracks from this era. Can you remember where you were when you first heard “10 Snide E”? A track that changed our lives. Shine MC from Family Foundation will be performing this live, plus his huge Manchester anthem “On The Ragga Tip”But what could be the icing on the cake? Something really unique that you don't see at all at events. Well we'd love to bring you The Prodigy but frankly live they're not available at 1993 prices and we'd have to up the ticket price so high the come down would last for weeks. However, The Jilted Generation tribute band are coming. We've seen rave reviews (pun intended) and they will be headlining. They're exciting and every bit as good as the real thing.If you think clubbing today is poison, then this is the remedy.

See you on April 8th, let the jilted generation start the dance

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