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Akua Naru

18 May

On sale:
Starts Friday, 24/02/17 12:00

Event information

Event information

+ Jalen N'Gonda

Solidifying herself at the top of the female hip hop game, the poetic wordsmith Akua Naru returns to the UK for another guaranteed sell-out tour.

Naru’s talent for story-telling along with classic boom bap hip hop sounds, socially conscious rhymes, jazz-soul elements, has rightfully garnered attention around the globe. Such attention has fluently translated from stage to record, with her debut album "...The Journey Aflame", deemed a hip hop classic by critics from New York to Moscow, forging its way into the history books.

Being associated with 90’s hip hop movements, as well as acts inc.: Lauryn Hill & The Roots, Naru's musical and poetic gifts have been appreciated among hip hop circles, and are amplified within her live performances.

Representing strongly when performing with The DIGFLO Band, a six-piece ensemble including drums, keys, saxophone/flute, bass, guitar, and turntables, Akua Naru and her band have a reputation for captivating audiences, hyping crowds, and inspiring many. Clearly, her music and performances are a testament to the legacy of soul music and the powerful trailblazing female artist tradition on which it builds.

Don’t miss Naru light up the stage in a city near you - tickets will fly out for this!

“This lady is the keeper of the cool flow.”Tony Allen

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