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TicketWeb chat to Johnny from Tribes about the band’s new album, dressing up as Superman and horse burgers....
TW: Hi Johnny, how’s it going? What are you up to right now?
JL: Good yeah, we’re just rehearsing at the minute.
TW: Looking forward to the tour?
JL: Yeah man, we’re itching to get out there. We’ve sort of been off since December so it’ll be good to get out of the rehearsal studio and put all the practice to some use.
TW: Does it feel like a long since you were playing roof tops in Camden?
JL: Aw...that was like ...2 years ago. The music’s changed a lot since then. Everything’s evolved really. Basically the morning after that shoot we went on tour and we’ve never really stopped until this December just gone... Sorta feels like another lifetime.
TW: I bet! We’ve got our Ones To Watch feature running at the moment, which new bands are floating your boat right now?
JL: We saw a band the other day called Fake Club. 5 girls, just going for it. Oh and Temples too – they’ve got this great glam thing going on!
TW: The new tracks that have sneaked out from your new album sound great – a real departure from the first with tones of Girls & Black Rebel in there – was that just a result of touring in the US?
JL: Yeah, we travelled a lot and recorded the album in LA. It’s the album we wanted to make. The 1st one was a bit nervous and it was more about getting something out there. This one was more relaxed. Full credit to island records, they were top, they just let us do what we wanted.
TW: You revealed a new video yesterday for Wrapped Up In A Carpet which is a great slideshow of retro pics, do you guys get involved in making those vids?
JL: Oh yeah, it’s just a mate who does it. Trouble is that more and more , when you put a video on YouTube, it gets taken down so we just wanted to make something official. It’s not the real video or anything but we just wanted to give people a bit of a taster.
TW: How do you feel about all the news surrounding HMV?
JL: Well it doesn’t really make a difference to us. I mean it’s a shame but I never really went in there. People should use those sort of shops if they want ‘em to stay open. It’s just that people buy stuff off the internet now and that’s it. People say “It’s the end of albums” and whatever – bollocks it is. It’s not going to stop us making music.
TW: What about horse meat burgers, are you up for trying one of those?
JL: (Laughs) It is a bit strange that people value a horse just because it’s pretty.
TW: We’ll take that as a yes then! We Were Children makes reference to growing up in the mid-nineties so go on, what were you up to back then?
JL: (Laughs) Ah I don’t know...probably running about in a Superman costume...yeah, just fucking about in a Superman costume.
TW: Alright, just some questions we ask everyone. What was the first gig you went to?
JL: Oh God, that was probably ... Page & Plant – it was the No Quarter tour at Shepherd’s Bush, I went with my Dad, ’93 or ’94 I think. Or maybe it was Lou Reed at Shepherd’s Bush, about the same time.
TW: Cool, what about the last gig you went to?
JL: Oh it’d be like I was saying before – Fake Club at some warehouse in Holloway – really great, loads of attitude in a sort of high octane 90s punks way.
TW: What about the best gig you’ve ever seen?
JL: Oh man, Richie Havens at the Jazz cafe a couple of years ago. It was a spiritual experience, fucking amazing. He’s in his 70s but you’d never guess. We had a drink with him after which is what it’s all about really isn’t it?
TW: Cool. Cheers Johhny, let you get back to the rehearsals.
JL: No worries man, see ya!

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