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TicketWeb met up with Bluetones frontman Mark Morriss ahead of his solo UK tour to talk, Star Wars, dressing up and Prince!

TW: Hi Mark, how's it going and what are you up to?

MM: It's going alright, I've just dropped my little lad off at school so at the minute I'm just clearing away crumpets and jam. Ha ha!

TW: Oh the glamour! You had a good Christmas then?

MM: Yeah, just put my feet up and avoid doing as much grown up stuff as possible really. It's for the kids isn't it really but this year I've bought the little lad some Star Wars Lego which is a present to both us really. It's not the first time I've done that to be honest. A shop round the corner was selling an original Millennium Falcon toy the other week and I thought "We're having that!".

TW: Ha,ha! Glad you got everything you wanted! We saw one of your solo shows recently and it was a real party occasion, sing-a-longs and all - what's the secret?

MM: The crowds are really good and they just make the night have a really positive feel. People seem to be really fond of the songs and they make it feel like a really personal event. I feel like a conductor, half the time I don't need to be singing. I don't take it for granted I can tell you.

TW: Sometimes you perform solo, sometimes with a band - which one do you prefer?

MM: I guess they are different but I don't prefer one over the other. Being in a band is great - it's like being part of a team, there's a strange male bonding thing which goes on. But I've learnt to enjoy playing those gigs on my own and it's made me more confident about playing in general.

TW: Which bands inspired you to form The Bluetones & which bands inspire you now?

MM: Mmmmm well I guess a lot are the same. Back then it was The Beatles - I guess that was the same for everyone, then a bunch of US West Coast stuff like Buffalo Springfield, Love & Neil Young. Then Madchester came along and The Stone Roses and that was it for me, they were doing what we wanted to be doing. I guess it's that jangly sound - I'm always a sucker for that jangly sound. These days I don't know... I did like that Tame Impala album and I always look out for new stuff by Stephen Malkmus.

TW: Nice choice! One of the guys in the office organized a mini bus for him and his mates to go and see you in Liverpool when he was 12. With that emotional picture in mind, when was the last time you organized a trip via mini bus?

MM: Ha ha, did he? Good on him. God, I've not booked a mini bus for a long time. I probably did it for The Bluetones, at the start I used to organize everything!

TW: At that very gig apparently you did the set, went off stage and came back dressed as butchers to do the encore! Do you still like to opt for a costume change?

MM: Of course! Ha ha! I remember that actually, they were covered in blood! We had a few outfits actually, Fireman's uniform, fat suits, any excuse really, it was just a bit of fun. Actually when I first started doing solo gigs I used to dress up as a care taker in a long grey technical coat and a flat cap to set my stuff up. I might have to dig that out again!

TW: The public has been warned! Okay, just a few questions we ask everyone now. Number 1, What was the first gig you went to?

MM: Nick Kershaw at Hammersmith Apollo, December '83.

TW: Was that good?

MM: Amazing. Super-charged!

TW: Cool, what about the last gig you went to?

MM: I don't go to many to be fair, it's like when you work in a bar, the last thing you want to do when your finished is go to another bar. But I think the last one I went to that wasn't someone I knew was The Stone Roses in May. When I saw that announced, I was like, "We're going to that!". And the Roses were great but it felt a bit cattle market, didn't it?. It's a shame as that was the comeback I was waiting for.

TW: I reckon there's more to come, The Smiths, The Jam?

MM: Talking Heads! Imagine that! Yeah...

TW: Alright, then last one, what was the best gig you ever saw.

MM: price, at Hop Farm, 2011. No Question.

TW: Yeah, I've heard good reports of that. What made it for you?

MM: Every single thing. He's plane was delayed so he was running late so they had to do the sound check in front on the crowd which took about 5 mins for this massive band and then prince just counts it in and...bang they're off, straight into the hits. He's like Napoleon.

TW: Amazing. Cheers mark, good to talk to you and best of luck with the tour!

MM: No worries, see ya!

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