Dj Yoda Tickets

Duncan Beiny aka DJ Yoda, is no ordinary DJ; he’s been declared “one of the ten Djs to see before you die” (Q Magazine), and when you see him in action, it’s not hard to see why. Originally a Hip Hop DJ, DJ Yoda takes you on a musical journey that pit stops in a plethora genres, which is overlaid with the high-precision technically-mastered scratching that he is renowned for, and earned him the accolade of being voted one of the ‘top three DJs in the world’ by Hip Hop Connection. DJ Yoda provides an aural assault, accompanied by visuals that are mixed live before your very eyes, cutting up shots from obscure TV shows, old movies or viral YouTube clips, resulting in a sensational sensory overload. Tickets to see the mastermind are on sale now! (Last updated: 26/07/12)

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